It's All in the Science

SoundMind is one of the only mental health apps committed to advancing the field of thanatosonics, memory rehabilitation, neuroplasticity and culturally competent meditation through clinically-validated and first-hand research on these fields of study and our product.

The Positive Impact

SoundMind Solution strives to provide an individualized, virtual mental health resource through our interactive mobile application. Our app focuses on three main platforms: Music Therapy, Memory Rehabilitation Games, and Mindfulness Meditation.

Our Discoveries

Music Therapy

Offering therapeutic tools that can help modulate the negative symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other stress disorders is of the utmost importance at SoundMind. Our team’s firsthand research has found that music can work on the principles of neuroplasticity to alter individual synapses or entire cortical networks. This proves the potential for music therapy as a tool to combat the relationship of thanatosonics (the phenomena that the boundary between sound and violence becomes blurred during and post trauma) and PTSD. 

Intrusive memories serve as one of the most difficult symptoms after an individual has undergone a traumatic experience. Often overlooked, depression is highly comorbid with PTSD following diagnosis. Increases in suicidality have been proven to occur for some individuals suffering from PTSD with comorbid depression. Additionally, increased levels of anxiety can be unbearable and serve as another difficult symptom that accompanies PTSD and depression. To address the negative symptoms that accompany these mental health issues, SoundMind offers a research-driven music therapy platform to provide individualized, sound profiles for each user. 

Published Research from the SoundMind Team

Click each study to get a closer look into the successful studies and discoveries from our research efforts.

Brain Exercises (Coming Soon)

Impairments in cognitive function, particularly impairments in memory prove to be one of the most difficult symptoms to overcome for individuals struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Depression and anxiety have proved through research to decrease working memory skills. Our memory games are designed to increase cerebral cortex activity which has been associated with reduced anxiety and improved memory. 

Our objective at SoundMind is to provide a platform for users to improve diminishing memory, attention, and concentration abilities through the creation of a six mini-game series designed to build and challenge selected memory types. Our memory game platform is designed on the principles of neuroplasticity and focuses on ameliorating impaired memory functions.

Game Series

Coming Soon to SoundMind

Academic Collaborations

The SoundMind research team conducts research on the benefits of music and mindfulness as therapeutic measures for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and stress. Their research and literature have been shared with you in this blog.

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