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SoundMind is more than just a mobile application. We want to be a part of each community we reach by actively working to further research supporting our goals and improving the mental health within our SoundMind community, one member at a time.

Through our research-backed platform, advice from Non-Profit's and the general Mental Health Community, we aim to create a family of healthy and happy users.

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What Is SoundMind Up Too?

Clinical Testing

The SoundMind Research Team has been conducting clinical testing this month in Santa Barbara, California and in New York City with underserved youth. We're inspired by the ability of music to help individuals. More soon!


In May 2022, SoundMind was a proud sponsor of the NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Alliance) 5K Walk in Los Angeles, where we shared more about our app with fellow mental health advocates, enthusiasts and participants. The event gathered thousands of participants near the Los Angeles City Hall.

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Influential Artist Interview on SoundMind

We're constantly working with Artists and Composers on iterating and gathering interest for our app. Here's a photo of famed artist and songwriter Nick Tangorra using our app!

"Music has always been an integral part of my life and my journey. It is amazing to see what SoundMind is working towards in providing a custom experience for each user to lower stress, increase memory, and mitigate triggers all through music.” -Nick Tangorra

Social Media:
Nick Tangorra Instagram

SoundMind Sponsors Citizen Yoga at "The Big House" at the University of Michigan

SoundMind is headed to Ann Arbor to sponsor the Citizen Yoga event at the University of Michigan to promote suicide prevention and awareness. Our efforts are not only to bring mental health to the forefront of conversations, but also to provide financial support to Garrett's Space and Stand With Trans.

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Citizen Yoga

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