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Our research team studies the benefits of sound and behavior tracking as therapeutic measures for depression, trauma, anxiety and stress.

Read below to hear from those in the mental health community that have shared their thoughts.

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A Word from our Music Composer

“SoundMind is in a unique position to be able to foster healing and growth to a global community through the convergence of music and technology. Music is the only art form that you can never really put your finger on because it only exists in time, and therefore has a unique relationship with human emotions. When I was growing up, I used to sit down at the piano and pour out my emotions by playing the notes, chords, and contours that felt inherently intertwined with the way I was feeling. At SoundMind, we’re doing the same thing except now we’re able to share that musical healing on a global/multi-cultural level.” Ryan Gunderson

Don't Take Our Word For It...

“I think it’s easy to be skeptical of the claims that a company makes. The beneficial claims that SoundMind has made are ambitious. They’re big statements to deliver on. But, after having experienced the product through different stages of development, I think it’s safe to say I’m already impressed with the experience I've had when using the app. The powerful effects of music and sound absolutely resonate within my life as I use this app. The experience with SoundMind is personal, cohesive, and immersive. I am grateful to have this at my disposal in my day-to-day life.”
Cassandra Butler, BSN, R.N.

“An outstanding interactive app that will help users ease the burden of trauma and anxiety through the power of sound. There is no better time to launch an app like SoundMind, especially in light of the dramatic increase in stress and depression experienced over the last year due to the global pandemic.”
Priya Kapoor, USC Alumni Association Board of Governors

Mental health is in a state of crisis in our country today. SoundMind is taking a unique and proactive role in reaching out to meet folks in between and in ways that work for them personally.
Dr. Benjamin Bonnes, MD and Lt. Colonel of the California Air National Guard

“You are all at a rate that a lot of startups don’t hit, even at the second and third year mark”
Nikhil Vimal, Co-Founder of Chat Mode

SoundMind brings a compelling vision backed up by a compelling team. With military experience and the highest levels of academic horsepower coming out of USC, the founding team has an intimate grasp of the mental health challenges faced by GenZ- and the tools to do something about it.
Torrey Smith, CEO of Endiatx

“The accessibility of the interface, the dedication to helping multiple demographics, the engagement with our current Covid situation, just incredible”
Dr. Scott Spencer, Assistant Professor of Musicology at the USC Thornton School of Music

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