A tailored-made experience to learn who you are and what makes you tick.

Through music therapy and brain exercises, SoundMind is designed to lower your concentration of stress hormones, increase memory resilience and mitigate emotional and auditory triggers.

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Version 2 coming soon - summer 2022!

SoundMind is the only place where you can find audio and visual therapy tailored to your needs through the power of sound.

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Why SoundMind?

Reduce Stress

Our technology learns who you are and what makes you happy to create a custom-tailored mobile application experience specifically for you. It learns to understand when you’re stressed and teaches you to relax through individualized music therapy, mindfulness meditation, and engaging memory games that will make you want to come back.

Calm Your Soul

Use your own music composer, designed to balance your mental health and designed for individuals with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Through a selective onboarding process, you will select sounds that you favor or unfavor, and the app will build a series of music and sound libraries designed for you.

Feel Empowered

We believe technology can help with PTSD mitigation through individualized learning of the human body. SoundMind will guide you through steps of relaxation and mood balancing to ensure that your mental health is positive and healthy.

Rapid Response Support

At unforeseen times of distress, anxiousnesses, or unwanted flashbacks, quickly open the app and press the purple rapid response button to listen to your custom music and sound profile that understands what you like.

Music Therapy

In a world of dangers and obstacles, PTSD is real and deadly. Many struggle with the effects of physical and mental trauma – whether from combat, accidents, or sexual violence. With no widely available solution to trauma, our team realized the need for SoundMind to create a safe and beneficial tool for those in need. Victims of trauma need a solution that they can reliably count on. At SoundMind, we want to modernize the way that patients are able to receive the help they need. Our team of researchers, innovators, and creators have been involved in building our music therapy soundscapes as a modern solution to reduce symptoms of PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. Our Music is created by in-house composers, who we work with to develop therapeutic melodies in many different genres allowing for a diverse collection everyone can relax to.

Rapid Response

Built by a team of individuals directly suffering from PTSD, SoundMind values being trauma-informed. To ensure a safe and beneficial space for any users in need, we incorporated The Rapid Response Feature into our App. This feature will allow individuals to input emergency contacts to be contacted in an emergency on your behalf or quickly dial trauma or suicide hotlines. Other resources and additional numbers will be available based on your geolocation.

Visual Therapy with Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an auditory phenomenon perceived by our brains when each ear receives a sound of a unique frequency. These pulses encourage brain waves to align with the frequency of a certain beat, causing the brain to enter a “specific state”. The brain naturally adjusts its brainwave frequency to match that of external stimulus, and can induce trance, enhanced focus, relaxation, meditation, or sleep induction. The SoundMind App contains immersive visual therapies connected with binaural beats that helps users enter into a specific state.

Brain Exercises

Coming Soon...
One of the largest initiatives at SoundMind is to create not only therapeutic measures using music therapy, but also to take steps towards preventing some of the most burdening symptoms in disorders such as PTS. Some of these symptoms include intrusive memories, anxiety and panic attacks, and cognitive impairments. Acknowledging that there is a gap in research on the preventative side of trauma and mental health, the SoundMind team was inspired and motivated to begin to develop our brain training section of the App. Our brain exercises will each focus on a specific cognitive impairment possibly caused by a suffered trauma, such as memory, concentration, and attention.

Who We Support

We aim to bridge the divide between innovative technologies and underrepresented communities in the Veteran, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC communities to create a more harmonious and equitable lifestyle for our world.

College Students

Pandemic First Responders

Active Military and Veteran Community


Natural Disaster Victims

Black, Indigenous, People of Color

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